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  • Is this gambling?
    No! It is not. We're classified as a "contest". A contest legally is an effort that requires "skill" or "merit" and/or knowledge to win. It also requires a "buy in" or some form of "consideration" to enter. Lastly, something of value is "prized" at the end for winning. You can compare Lottoriddles to a "video game tournament" to get the idea of how we operate. However, we are lottery and casino-themed for "vibe" and "alluring" purposes.
  • What am I looking for in the riddles?
    The "Hook" of the riddles here at Lottoriddles LLC is that you can expect the answers to be either of the following; Clichés, Idioms, Households, etc. Names that "Standout." In short; POPULAR words/sayings/phrases. When examining the riddles: Look for hints and consistency. Look for words or phrases that stand out. Lottoriddles is literally a brainteaser competition of how to relate meanings. Ask yourself what's the least common denominator of these stand out words or sentences. Is there anything subliminal about what is being described in the passage? We here at Lottoriddles LLC believe that after a couple of tries and viewing the Back Pages, you'll naturally begin to understand our style. *Please reference the Back Pages for sample riddles and their answers.
  • Is it okay to read the riddles before I buy? If so, where?"
    Yes, in fact, we prefer that you to read them before you make your attempt purchase. Technically, you are paying for the "attempt". You can visit the "Shop" page at the top menu. Also, some riddles are written in plain text under or on the side of the riddle image. If you purchase a riddle attempt without an answer, you will have 24 hours to submit an answer. Afterward, if no answer is submitted, we reserve the right to keep the funds.
  • Where do I put my answer/s?
    At the Checkout screen, you insert your answer/s in the Order Notes. You insert the amount of answers that you pay for. Any extra answer/s will not be considered. We respect the first answers first. The order of priority layout in the order notes is: Left to right, then top to bottom. We prefer answers to be written like this: ~Example of 3x purchase attempts: [Cat in the hat] [Rock, Paper, Scissors] [Harlem Shake]
  • How do I receive my monetary rewards.
    Due to the difficulties of rewarding money and liability protection, you may only RECEIVE monetary rewards via PayPal, Money Gram, and Western Union at the time.
  • What happens after I buy an attempt? When do I hear something?
    Please wait patiently after your purchase of a Lottoriddle attempt. We will get to your submission as soon as possible. You can expect a response from us via email.
  • Am I eligible for a refund?
    There are NO REFUNDS due to the nature of the contest. However, there can be "Extenuating Circumstances" that could warrant a fair refund.
  • Hours of Operations?
    We are open 24/7. Expect later responses for later hours 10PM - 6AM. We are in Pacific Standard Time.
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