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Lottoriddle #14 

Prized at $500.00


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NOTE: Due to the nature of the contest, there are NO REFUNDS.*





“Just this way,” Mr. Kantu led Florina down the hall of the skyscraper. “Excuse my forgetfulness. Could you remind me the nature of your business?”

“Tarot readings,” Florina cleared her throat as she followed Mr. Kantu. “Some fortune-telling here and there; life coaching for sure. We’re a mix of all. But we want to go bigger! A franchise in every corner of the world. Even live television broadcasts.”

“I like the enthusiasm.” He then pointed to the office, unlocked the door, and they proceeded in, “and here we are. Office room 1111 just like you requested.”

“Wow, this is a lot of space,” Florina glanced over the office. Oh! I love this circular area.

“And you have a wonderful view of the Minato district,” Mr. Kantu gestured towards the windows. “Tokyo is a marvel at night. You will see. It’s why the top floors sell so fast.”

Florina walked to the other side of the office. “This is … it’s … perfectto! Molto bene! I can put my camera right here. There’s a lot of natural lighting. I think ... this is it!”

“Ding!” the notification chime sounded off on Florina’s cell. She laughed. “Haha, that’s an omen! Spiritual confirmation. This is too good to be true.”

“Should we get the paperwork started, or do you need more time? There’s no rush.”

A tremor commenced, and the building began to sway.



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

Lottoriddle #14

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