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Lottoriddles #4

Prized at $500

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Millennials are unfairly judged about how we try to survive this life in the United States. We've inherited a huge problem that we didn't create but are forced to deal with. We are often criticized for our coping mechanisms and our ways of dealing with an economy built to drain our bank accounts. I would go as far as to say that some earlier generations have not been through what we are currently experiencing from an economic standpoint. The late twenties to early thirties year-old person in this day in time who still lives with their parents is not a failure to launch. It takes far more time and hard work in this new era to stand on your own two feet; that is, for most of us who come from families who had nothing. In fact, I think we Millennials are starting to adapt and do a great job of handling what we have on our plate. More than ever, millionaires and business owners are popping up everywhere from our creative ways of surviving this financial pitfall. And we're climbing out of the hole at the expense of no Medicare, school debt, and a violent country, etc. We deserve more credit, especially because many of us are the first millionaires and business owners of our families. So, I say to my dear Millennials; keep pushing. You're not too old for your unfortunate situation. Your day will come.



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

Lottoriddle #4

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