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Lottoriddle #5 

Prized at $500.00

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NOTE: Due to the nature of the contest, there are NO REFUNDS.*






“Hold on tight! I’m opening her up,” the main coordinator informed as he opened the door to the plane. Barry held on firmly to the railing of the plane, and he squeezed on to the straps of his parachute as he watched the door open. His voice trembled to see the clouds, “I’ve never been in the air like this before…”

Nick laughed hard as he stood patiently for his turn to jump, “ha-ha! He’s getting scared, boys!”

“Just relax,” Bobby tried to calm him, giving him a friendly pat on the shoulder. "It’ll be over before you know it."

“You guys are just adrenaline junkies. I actually have a family at home to think about,” Barry explained, beginning to second guess his decision.

“I’m going to be right here with you,” Barry’s Coordinator, who was strapped up behind him, began to encourage. “I’ve done this a million times. It’s just like riding a bicycle. Dammit, don’t cancel on me, man! I really want to jump today,” he sarcastically grinned.

“Don’t be the guy that stays on the plane,” the main coordinator chuckled. “I’m sure your friends will forever roast you.”

“It’s a long way down!” Nicked sang playfully, trying to scare him. “He’s going to cry.”

Bobby cut his eyes over at his nervous friend, “And it’s being recorded. Your wife will see it.”

The main coordinator turned around and began to point, “okay, who’s first?”

“Come on, you got a discount with this booking” Barry’s Coordinator nudged him. “And it’s non-refundable. Might as well get it on over with.”

The entire plane began to chant, “Barry! Barry! Barry! Barry!”



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

Lottoriddle #5

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