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Lottoriddle #8 

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“Look at the irony,” Officer Seymore remarked, taking a good look at the mansion and its surroundings. “Two black cops investing a disturbance at a majority white party.”

“An all-white party at that,” Officer Lancing added as she and her partner maneuvered through the front courtyard full of affluent party-goers.” Their presence begin to turn heads.

“So, this is the Golden-Globes after party? It’s the last place I would have expected a fight to break out.”

“Welcome to Los Angeles, Miss Lancing. I think they’re around the back by the marquee tents,” Seymore signaled. “Remember, don’t go hounding the celebs. Be professional.”

“I would nev ... wait, is that Michael B-?” Officer Lancing squinted.

Minutes later, the officers found themselves under a brightly lit tent. Lancing was nervously jotting down notes from victim David, who was sitting down on the grass with a huge swollen eye and cheek while his wife consoled him.

“I’m telling ya, he was pissed about only white people winning! He got a little tipsy and socked me right in the face! He was the same guy ranting about the Oscar’s last time,” David explained as he pressed the bag of ice along the side of his face.

His wife Lenna furiously glared from her husband to the cops, “we’d like to press charges!”

“They’re lying!” Brent butted in. “He started it! The debate turned physical after he threw a glass of red wine on Travon’s suit.”

“You’re lying!” another key witness, Gabe, jumped in, “Travon shoved David first after David said no one black deserved it this year. Then, David threw the wine on his shirt! He has the right to his opinion!”

“I don’t even see color, officer” David argued, “Travon has always acted entitled!”

“Oh, my goodness, I will not stand for this. In fact, I will,” an older woman stood up from her chair. “David clearly through the wine first! Travon had on a $20,000 rental suit.”

“Carol! How could you?!” Lenna snapped, cutting her eyes at Carol.

“Alright, alright. Everyone calm down,” Officer Seymore fanned the flames. “Can anyone tell me where Travon is now?”

“He left when we threatened to call the cops,” David responded, flinching from his wife’s pressure on the bag.

“Aw, go to hell, David!” Samantha shouted walking off backwards. “You knew what you were doing!” she pointed.

“Sam!” Lenna glared. Lenna turned to the cops. “He lives in on condo not far from here on Melrose,” Lenna pointed. “You can find him there. I’ll give the directions.”



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

Lottoriddle #8

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