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Lottoriddle #15 - "The Pendulum of Luxe"

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“Next is Sir Mitchel from the Arden sector,” the King’s right hand read, announcing the next presenter inside the king’s lair. “You may approach. Greet your Holiness and present your usefulness. Go ahead, go on.”

Mitchel humbly, but nervously stepped in front of the King’s throne with the King’s guard, servants, and other personnel watching him meticulously.

“It is an honor, your grace," Mitchel bowed. “I offer you my Pendulum of Luxe passed down from generations to me by my great-great-grandfather. It is composed of the purest of gold, I assure you. It is said to swing in the direction of the nearest richest,” Mitchel held up the Pendulum for all to see, “a compass of sorts. Long gone are the days, or even months rather, of tireless searching during a gold rush. It’s like, Poof! Your riches are pinpointed on a map. It’s truly magical. Say the word your holiness, and it’s yours.”

The King glowered at the object with his finger and thumb wrapped around his chin. His guard waited silently, unimpressed, awaiting their King’s approval. “Liar! He’s lying sire,” the right hand spat, “there’s no such thing! Does he insult our dear Grace’s intelligence? And, what has he to show for such mythical thing?!”

“I pray for you, dear one, that my time isn’t being wasted by magical myths,” The King warned the peasant. “I’ve been promised a genie and a mermaid concubine in my time, all of which failed to materialize. No witch in all of Cape Haven can wish back the imbeciles who flopped on their offerings."



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

Lottoriddles #15

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