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LR-Tinies #11

Prized at $240.00

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NOTE: Due to the nature of the contest, there are NO REFUNDS.*





The angel Seraphina dragged her feet through the clouds and approached God, “Your holiness, I’m exhausted. I’ve done everything to help Jasmine leave her abusive husband. Two nights ago, at her Wednesday night bible study, I spoke through the preacher and warned her yet again. Still, nothing. I don’t know what to do. She’s ignoring all the signs and synchronicities.”

“Don’t worry,” God said. "I have a plan for her. I have an Archangel filling in for you. It’s your day off, remember? You forgot again, didn't you?"

“Oh!” Seraphina’s face brightened, “the days are flying by with this assignment!”



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

LR-Tinies #11 ($240)

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