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Welcome to Lottoriddles REACH

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Watch us spot the "Subliminals" in media content! Are we REACHING? You decide!

*Disclaimer: Our channel isn't intended to degrade the image of media creators. We simply enjoy finding Easter Eggs and decoding the Subliminals within the creative works

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Easter Eggs

Are we reaching???

If you saw the amount of subliminal imagery I see daily, your heart rate would elevate. They are everywhere! Once you have the eyes to see, the world looks different.

The professionals would argue that subliminal messages have no effect on the minds of the masses. Hmm... Why does the media industry continue to use them then? ​...Because they work. One thing I know about American business culture, when they say they've "stopped" doing something considered unethical, they've usually just found a better way to hide it.

Here at Lottoriddles Reach, we will expose as much as we can find from the likes of movies, television, video games, and many more outlets "they" use to influence us subliminally. This will help you train your eyes to filter through all of the filth and unwanted influences constantly trying to override your mind.

It would be fair to say that not everything we point out is fully accurate. The industry is far too sneaky for that. With that being said, are we REACHING? That's up to you to decide.


*BE WARNED. Most of the subliminal messages are sexual in nature. Sex plagues the world in the subliminal realm. Just a forewarning.


Warning: Sexual Innuendos ahead

Is Apex Legends Season 8&9 themed after World War 2?

There are far too many innuendos and parallels to ignore.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

A portion of what we found in this video game. Still a work in progress. See if you can spot the Subliminals.

Candy Crush Subliminals

Amazon Candy Crush subliminals_edited.jpg

Note: Advertisements are loaded with Subliminals. You will often see Infinity Symbols, which corporations use to promote sales. This taps into the universal energy of give-and-take. It's literally like magic.

Excuse our French, but...

What we immediately noticed was the pinkish-purple color scheme (pink and blue are pedophile colors). This begins the search for the color blue. The blue ball candy clearly stands out in the front along with the heart it's directly next to. Let's remember, a heart inside of a heart is a pedophile innuendo. So now, we search for the double heart. Do you see it? We will help you out.

~By the way, the rope holding the sign looks a bit phallic, doesn't it?

Blurry Lumières

Murano soap: Spanish word "sexo" (sex) found on the Spanish soap's package.
Reach: Naked man with his genitals hanging.

"S" = Bottom right where the soap is shown. The display opening is "S" shaped.

"E" = The "M" in Murano at the top. Sideways makes the "E." Its the biggest letter for a reason.

"X"= The rainbow resembling image on the left.

"O"= Top right with "contiene" & "extracto."

Reach: The bottom left image of the fruit and leaves resemble a man with his genitals hanging. If the photo is turned to the left, the orange segments or slices are the "arms" and "shoulders." The top leaf is the "belly." The bottom leaf is the 'thigh' that connects to the phallic "stick" which makes it appear wet.

~Is he holding one of his test...?



Right by Kruangbin


Turn the picture to the right, just like the non-coincidental title of the song. You'd find a woman "pleasuring" herself.

Ask yourself, why would the person hold his hands and arms like this at "face value?" Whom do you know that gestures like this normally?

Blatant All-Seeing Eye: This is usually an indicator of more to find.

Sex found:

"S" = The barbed wire and plant vines.

"E" = The cactuses make this letter easy to spot.

"X" = Facing the image, the left "devil horn" intersects the vine. 

Reach 1: Notice the v*gina leaves.

Reach 2: The Kangaroo with the seeming tv screen-shaped head. This is typically used to mock people who are blindly living in the matrix (sheeple).


More to come...

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