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Welcome to The Drop

A phrase many of us have heard growing up in a lottery town is "Those numbers dropped." Or at least you've heard a similar saying. It is the inspiration of this page. Yes, we are lottery and casino themed.

Welcome to The Drop where you will find the latest news directly from us here at Lottoriddles. From upcoming projects to how we plan to fix certain problems that may be present, this blog is where you will want to come first. We will also explain why we do certain things the way we do if it doesn't seem to make sense to you. You can say this is straight from the horse's mouth, and you can expect the official word. It's our voice to you.

It will also be a blog of give and take. Maybe you have a great idea in the comments that we can implement. Maybe there's a problem we're not aware of that you want to bring to our attention. Here is where you do it because we will be watching. Fair warning: toxicity will not be tolerated, nor will the sharing of rejected answers.

If you haven't already, check out our social media sites. The Drop is our blog in our own way. Have fun exploring our site and don't forget to purchase a lottoriddle.

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