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Culture is the focal point of our new Foreign Riddles.

As you may have seen on our home page, foreign riddles will soon grace this amazing site. For those of you who speak many languages and have a culture outside of America, you are in luck. We here at Lottoriddles understand you. American culture can be weird, uncomfortable, and unsettling for many. Therefore, as a Riddler, I didn't want to simply translate English-written riddles into another language since people from other cultures would still not be able to decipher the riddle as the problem lies within understanding the culture.

Well, of course, there is a fix to this. The answers to riddles written in a specific language will be geared towards the cultural understanding that that language represents. If you read the Japanese riddles, it would behoove you to know Japanese culture. If you read a Spanish language riddle, chances are that the answer is something that say … Mexicans would know. I'm aware that there are far more Spanish-speaking countries. I am just giving examples of what I want you to expect.

With that being said, we urge Foreign readers, please don't be reluctant to give our riddles a try. You'd be surprised at the depth of cultural understanding we place into our work. And to make the deal a bit sweeter, our plan is to make these riddles "easy".


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