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Making Reading Fun

I used to think that I hated reading. I knew I loved crafting stories. How could you hate reading so much, but love writing? I'm sure it's possible, but again, I didn't hate reading. In fact, back in my elementary school days, I read A LOT. I mean, a lot, a lot. What was the problem now, then? The problem was, I didn't find things that I enjoyed reading. Finding interesting works in itself can be a tedious, time-consuming hassle.


I must admit, the Accelerated Reading Program we had back in elementary school was one of the driving factors of me discovering my passion for reading and writing. Sometimes we need incentives to be pushed in the direction of where we need to be. When I talk to the average person, more often than not, they are not readers, and there are far too many worldly distractions that they rather be occupied with.

Maybe Lottoriddles can direct people towards a healthy habit that they'd be thankful for later. There's at least a monetary incentive and the gaming element it encompasses. You'd think the type of stories I write would be in abundance. Maybe they are, but again, they are hard to discover. Hopefully, we can fill a void with many non-readers, and/or current readers who are lacking with the kind of literary works they do like to read. Maybe, maybe, maybe...



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